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Signatures for We Want Karaoke at the Sundowner Pub in Delta, BC

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1 TamaraGodbehere Bring it back its a lot of fun, And everyone enjoys it.
2 KatSloan Karaoke is really the only reason I ever went to the Sundowner. I found the staff to be not that great all the time, even snotty at times. But karaoke was awesome! I will only go back if there's karaoke. Or else I'll continue to go elsewhere.
3 VeroniqueFliesen  
4 duaneangelvette YES! the sundowner is a beautiful little pub-bring back steve and celeste!!
5 LaurieGiesbrecht Please keep the karaoke tradition with Steve and Celeste going at the Sundowner Pub!!
6 BeanDavid Keep it going!
7 LorraineRunning Over the years we have been able to attend and enjoyed a very awesome show. It would be a blessing to bring them back and your customers would love them also.
8 Richard Durnin  
9 TaraWistoski  
10 BarbaraChristie Steve and Celeste are fabulous....they'll bring lots of customers your way and the neighbourhood loves them, too! Please bring them back!!
11 shelleyO'Krane  
12 janinecahill We all stopped going to the Sundowner pub after we heard that Celeste and Steve weren't doing their karaoke anymore. It's a shame because we all use to have so much fun. Celeste and Steve were great at it and had the best voices and equipment.
13 KristylDowning Please bring them back, it's the only reason I would go to a pub anymore!
14 JamieLavoie please bring them back
15 angemackenzie Steve and Celeste presby are 2 of the most talented, fair and fun hosts I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. They engage the crowd and are always professional. I have been going to their shows for nearly 20 years.please bring them back.
16 jessewierzbicki  
17 jamieoneill I dropped at least 50 everynight i went to karaoke as did my friend... bring it back!!!
18 ChristinaCoonce Celeste and Steve are the best!!
19 DwayneResch  
20 Laura-LeeHerbert I'm requesting that you please reconsider bringing karaoke back. I have been a patron to the Sundowner for many years. I looked forward to Saturday karaoke there with Steve and Celeste. They're the reason I continued going. Please bring them back!
21 SabinaKunkel Steve & Celeste's shows are fabulous!
22 GlendaJamison Karaoke brings a following and obviously more sales for you
23 TrevorJensen Steve and Celeste have the best karaoke in the lower mainland and we have all enjoyed MANY nights at the Sundowner at their karaoke over the years. We would LOVE to see them there again and to be regular visitors to their show... please bring them back!!!
24 TaraHupet  
25 NelsonMcMurdo We need them in surrey. Awesome shows, Very Professional. But you already know this.